Hatha Yoga Works was established by Clare Leithead in 2012 to encourage individuals to develop their own personal yoga practice alongside attending a regular weekly yoga class.

Hatha Yoga is for people of any age! It is not only a great way to stay in shape but also helps to develop balance, coordination, and a sense of centeredness. It renews, invigorates and heals the body – stretching and toning the muscles, joints and spine and directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs.


I started practicing yoga whilst living in Japan in 2006 and was inspired by the Japanese ethos of the fusion of body and mind. This is based on using the mind in a positive way, using the mind with full concentration, using the body naturally, and training the body gradually, systematically, and continuously.

On returning to the UK in 2010 I fell pregnant with my third child and continued with my yoga practice. In 2012 I completed my training to become a yoga teacher and at the beginning of 2014 completed my training in pre and postnatal yoga.

My teaching focuses on the individual by providing clear instruction and helping with alignment depending on body type.  I approach my teaching with joy, empathy and a love of sharing my continuous learning of yoga.