quote marks openI came to Clare’s yoga class as a complete beginner to strengthen a weakness in my back. Her warm welcome kept me coming back and when I became pregnant Clare started a pregnancy yoga class. Her classes kept my back strong and pain free through out and I am now looking forward to joining Clare’s mother and baby yoga at West Norwood Leisure Centre in September. She is a gifted teacher – knowledgeable, clear and patient – who is sensitive to the entire class and every individual.

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quote marks openNow in my 60s I knew that I needed some exercise on a regular basis that was not overly strenuous. I found this in Clare’s yoga classes which are based on keeping the body flexible and supple. I have benefited enormously from going and feel lucky to live very close too!

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quote marks openI have practiced yoga on and off for many years and was delighted to find Clare when I moved to Dulwich. I went regularly to her classes at Aspire and when I became pregnant started her pregnancy yoga. Her teaching has been invaluable to me, keeping me strong and calm throughout my pregnancy and helping me to relax whilst coping as a new mum. The way she teaches means that you can only be in the present moment and her classes are now a part of my life.

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quote marks openI was skeptical about yoga and like lots of parents of young kids, wondered how I could fit it into my life. But the onset of back pain made me find the time for it and it has completely changed how I think about my body and take care of myself. And it’s sorted the back ache out, too!

It’s a little bit of me-time when I try to clear my head and focus completely on the physical and Clare is brilliant at getting me to do

that. I always feel better after a yoga session – physically and mentally – whatever kind of day I have had at work.

Clare’s sessions push me but she can read her pupils’ mood and energy from week to week and pitches it just right. I love the mix of action and relaxation. I also love that I can look back over the last year and see how far we’ve come – from being an unbendy, yoga-skeptic with back ache to someone who can balance in some fun poses and clear my head after a busy day. It’s a credit to Clare’s unintimidating, kind and excellently judged teaching that I have been converted to yoga!

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